My Business for Your Business

Whether you’ve already opened your business or only thinking about a new business based on an old career or a tremendous new idea, this site is about you and your success!

Your success is the foundation of my business plan, because there is nothing so valuable to a small business as returning customers.  New customers are expensive.  Marketing time and money invested in an unknown.  Always looking for the next cat to skin.  Courting a maybe who takes time from paying clients.

Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships is what my personal business plan is all about.  Distilled to its essence, I want to be your in-house counsel.  An essential and indispensable part of your management team providing crucial perspectives on your business, your life and your future.

I offer three-for-one.  First, I am a small business owner myself.  I started from scratch.  I learned from my mistakes as well as success.  Second, I’m an attorney who has participated in all stages of small businesses except bankruptcy.  Third, I’m an engineer, although no longer actively practicing, I held an Illinois Professional Engineer’s License until Illinois enacted continuing education requirements for a credential I simply didn’t use.  

As a bonus, before becoming a lawyer, I worked at a larger corporation dealing with state and federal regulators–primarily EPA.  I understand the value of systems, appreciate the difficulties of corporate inertia and certainly recognize the frustration of dealing with government.  

While I can certainly help you or your business in a crisis, or for a single event, I never look at a client as just a litigation case, a contract review, Keogh Plan or a “start-up.”  I treat you as so much more.  I share your vision and want to help make it come true.  Please send me an e-mail, join my mailing list or give me a call.

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