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Kansas City Missouri 64151

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I previously operated my own law firm at Barry Road and I-29.  Before moving to the West Bottoms location, I employed an associate attorney and two secretaries.  The move was part of a plan to reduce my work load allowing me to assist my elderly parents who have since passed away.

I am once again actively practicing law full-time and accepting new clients.  I plan on continuing at my current location with neither an associate or permanent secretarial help, although I may from time to time engage temporary help on an as-needed basis.

The explanation is very simple.  Those employees were each a net expense.  I was working to support them.  While it was wonderful having the help, particularly of my longtime secretary, there are simply more efficient means of operation now.

This new arrangement allows me to work less and be more selective in the clients I represent.  While there is no doubt a tradeoff in that clients no longer can reach a live secretary when I’m unavailable, the client has the advantage of knowing I’m personally addressing their concerns, doing their work and diligently focused on fewer clients.  I believe you will be favorably impressed by the personal attention you’ll receive by working with me.

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