Do you have minimum charges or maintenance fees? - I charge in tenth of an hour increments, with a minimum of one tenth of an hour for any activity.  Any portion of a tenth of an hour is rounded up to the next full tenth.

I charge a minimum of one hour for any court appearance. Whenever it is necessary for me to represent a client on a court docket, the client will be charged a minimum of one hour.  If the appearance goes beyond one hour, the actual time will be billed.

There is a minimum travel charge of one-half an hour. Any necessary travel such as court appearances, depositions, meetings with experts or travel done at the client's request will be charged a minimum of 0.5 hours.  Any travel exceeding half an hour will be billed for the actual time.  If the travel is made for my convenience, such as meeting somewhere other than my office, then travel time will not be charged.

Do you have maintenance fees? - I do not have a maintenance fee, nor do I have weekly or monthly "file reviews" in order to inflate fees.  I charge when clients, opposing parties or courts demand my attention on a matter.

Opening and closing a file requires work and expense. If for any reason a client should decide to terminate my representation, even within hours of retaining me, there will be an invoice for services owed.  There are two reasons:  1) the work involved in initiating the matter, preparing files, and opening and closing the matter; 2) there is a small but real possibility that I will be unable to work for a future client because there is a conflict between the prior client and potential client.

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