Do you offer credit? - I do not offer credit plans.  My experience has proved this is not a workable solution.  Too many clients did not pay, and once my time is gone working for someone else, I can never recover that loss.  What's worse, those who didn't pay were difficult, demanding, unpleasant and unreasonable.  Why shouldn't they be, it was costing them nothing anyway?  But of course, it was stealing from me and diverting my time and attention from paying clients.

Can I make payments instead of providing a security deposit? - I'm sorry but waiving the deposit requirement is impossible unless you are a very longtime client who has established an excellent payment history.  The security deposit protects me and my other clients.  Foremost, it is not fair for paying clients to have my attention distracted by an individual who doesn't pay.  Secondly, it is unfair to you.  The chances are very slim that you'll be able to pay for an entire case if you're unable to provide the security deposit.  That means your case will likely be unfinished because I will not work for free.  If I'm not being paid, I will withdraw from your representation.

There are better sources of finance.  I practice law.  I'm not in the business of a money lender.  Banks and credit unions are.  Alternatively, you can go to the people who know you best:  family, friends and employers.  They are in a much better position than I to judge your credit worthiness.  You may explore cash advances from a credit card, a garage sale or e-bay.  Early withdrawals from IRAs or loans against 401ks are excellent resources to consider.

If I'm not paid, I will quit. I insist on being paid for the work I do.  If I'm not paid, I will terminate your representation.

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