How do I hire you as my lawyer? - You are free to call anytime and reach me by phone.  I obviously can't be available at all time, so if I don't answer, please leave a confidential message suggesting a time when I can call you back.  Alternatively, we can make initial contact by email. You can suggest times you'd be available for a call, and I'll happily schedule a phone appointment if at all possible.

William Hudnall attorney at law Kansas City Platte Clay Jackson County MissouriI have a face-to-face meeting before agreeing to represent potential clients. An attorney-client relationship is a highly confidential, communication based relationship.  While an attorney's competence should be the primary factor in your choice of a lawyer, it is important that you get along too!  If you don't like your attorney, or vice-versa, the situation is doomed to conflict and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, I insist on a personal meeting to become acquainted with potential clients.  There have been only a few exceptions I've made for out-of-town clients requiring local representation.  None of these matters included a court appearance.

I am not your attorney unless we have a written contract, a handshake and payment. Except for the simplest cases, such as a traffic ticket, I always have a written contract.  The agreement specifies what matter I'm working on, what I'm responsible for doing, what's expected of the client, and what I'll be paid.  If you should become a regular client, that contract will continue governing our relationship unless we sign another express contract, but usually in subsequent matters for clients we continue with a handshake.

As I wrote at the top, a handshake is an important part of getting to know a client.  Looking one another in the eye helps us understand one another's motivation and expectations.  The handshake constitutes the bond of promises which form the contractual basis for a professional relationship.

Finally, the promised payment must be delivered and received.  This means more than simply tendering a check.  The funds must be paid over to my bank.  For these reasons, where time is urgent, it may be necessary for you to pay with a bank check, money order or cash.

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