Bull Mountain Sculpture by Robert Morris Kansas City Stock Yards Jackson County MissouriHow much are your fees? - My rate is $200 per hour.  I will reduce that hourly fee for active military, veterans and their dependents.  I also offer prompt payment incentives.

Subscription Service - I offer an annual retainer plan for small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.  For a $1200 fee, clients receive one hour of legal work or consultation per month for one year.  That's $100 per hour (no other incentives or reductions may be applied).  Your hour can be used for anything--reviewing a lease, discussing a potential divorce, preparing a business plan, representing your son on a traffic ticket, grinding out numbers on a potential business deal or simply reducing the cost of an on-going project or litigation (I must have been on retainer before contacting me about a particular case).  In addition to any other applicable reductions such as military or prompt payment incentives, my hourly rate is reduced another 10% for my subscribers on all additional billable hours.

What's the catch? - Why do I set that first hour so low and offer further savings?  Because I want your business more than your money.  A stable working relationship will generate a stream of revenue over time without the cost of "selling."  The quality and value of my work will bring you back.   In return for becoming an integral and indispensable part of your management team--a staff attorney for companies too small, or simply too efficient to have a full-time attorney on payroll, I'll gladly give back those marketing expenses to keep an A and B constituency rather than try finding new work with individuals who might be D or F clients.  When businesses engage legal services pro-actively, it's best for both our bottom lines. Keeping out of trouble is easier, less stressful and more economical than getting out of trouble.


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