How much is a will or trust going to cost me? - Without an actual consultation, it is impossible to quote a fee, however before beginning work, I will quote a flat fee for the work to be completed.  That fee must be deposited prior to my commencing work.  As work progresses, expenses and fees earned at my standard hourly rate may be transferred from the client trust into my business account.  The client's termination of the project before completion will result in my retention of such earned fees regardless of any or no work-product being deliverable to the client. Upon project completion and delivery to the client, the entire amount is deemed earned regardless of actual time or expense.

Then what's a typical cost? - If you fit the average family of 2.4 children, house, 2 children, stocks, IRA, 401k, life insurance, etc. a personalized will costs $500.  A spouse's mutual reciprocal will adds another $100.  A simple life-insurance trust for minor children $500.  A comprehensive revocable trust is $1500.  A healthcare directive with optional durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions $200.

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