Dissolution of Marriage DecreeIf you are contemplating divorce, you're not alone.  Sadly, half of all marriages within the United States end in divorce or dissolution of marriage. The most common cause is financial.

If you're planning a wedding, that's a daunting statistic. Many believe a prenuptial agreement is cynical and demonstrative of a lack of commitment.  I argue it's just good planning.  A properly designed agreement has two consequences:  1) it forces a couple to actually consider their financial arrangements and responsibilities to one another; 2) it actually relieves the stress of "what if we get a divorce" when times get tough.  There's greatly reduced incentive to posture or maneuver for advantage in a race to the courthouse.  Prenuptial agreements are no different than insurance--having one hardly means you're planning to burn down the house.

So what if you're married and don't have a prenuptial (or post-nuptial) agreement?  Have you really tried everything?  Divorce is an expensive proposition and won't likely "fix" your marriage.  It's a  poor means of marriage counseling or grabbing attention.  Only do it if you mean it!

I have prepared information on this site for the education of potential litigants in Missouri courts.  No website can possibly condense all the applicable laws or replace the advice of an attorney in applying the facts relating to your individual issues or concerns.

I rarely take family law cases anymore except from referrals, former or existing clients.  I definitely don't do them on the cheap.  However, if you would like further information about possibly retaining my legal services, please contact me for an appointment.

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