What's in it for me? - Before hiring any attorney you should ask the following four questions.  1) Is the attorney I'm considering hiring really offering me what I really need, or what he wants to sell?  2) Will hiring this attorney and receiving the work and service offered going to have a positive impact on my life or plans?  3) Do I have confidence that this particular lawyer can deliver the services promised, on-time and within my budget?  4) Are the work product and services offered a good-value for me?

Very often legal services are retained under very stressful and emotional circumstances. These questions are designed to bring you back to earth.  Please don't fall victim to a lawyer who preys upon your emotions.  Like a suitor proposing wine, roses and eternal romance, promises are more easily made than delivered.

The law is a professional service.  A dentist can deliver whiter teeth just like Hollywood stars have, but the dentist can't make you a star.  A good lawyer can provide indispensable services, but a lawyer can't change the facts or the law.  A lawyer can clamor like a champion about righting every wrong or injustice a client may feel but it won't make it so.  Who has the most to lose and gain when there is an unsober appraisal of your legal circumstances?

There is no doubt the law has an emotional and passionate component, but it must be the tempering alloy of the primary steel which is law and logic.  This is an attorney's Counselor role. It is absolutely a fact, that sometimes a client does simply "want to be heard.  To have their day in court."  That's fine if the client understands that's what is being purchased.  A lawyer's job is the sensible application of fact and law, providing a client with reasonable expectations.  Too often that hard counseling is reserved until the money is gone from your pocket to the lawyer's.

Don't be surprised when your knight in shining armor turns out to be just another hired gun now moved on to the next bank roll.

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